Today On The Hill

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11:00am – House is in Session

1:00pm – Senate is in Session


Committee Meetings:


House Aging and Older Adult Services – 9:30am

Informational meeting on: HB420


Senate Urban Affairs and Housing – 9:30am

Public hearing on: SB48


House Agriculture and Rural Affairs – 9:50am

Informational meeting on: SB82, HB1750


House Education – 10:00am

To consider: HB 1728, HR 108


House Human Services –  10:00am

Informational meeting with manufacturer of Vivitrol


House Labor and Industry – 10:00am

To consider: HB611, SB802, HB1338


Senate Finance – 10:00am

To consider: HB 546


House and Senate Local Government –  10:15am

Public Hearing on Health and Human Services Community Services Block Grant Program


Senate Consumer Protection & Prof. Licensure – 10:30am

To consider: SB814, HB1348, HB1351


House Appropriations –  Off the Floor

To consider: HB21, HB162, HB1425, HB1426, HB1529, HB1530, HB1574, HB1575, HB1617, HB1644, SB277