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May 5, 2015


9:00 – House Agriculture and Rural Affairs

To consider: HB 806


9:00 – Joint Legislative Budget & Finance Committee

Officers meeting to discuss awarding a contract for SR 250 of 2013 regarding consolidation of school employee health benefit plans and other project and personnel issues


9:00 – Senate Labor and Industry

Public hearing to consider the impacts of increasing minimum wage


9:30 – House Judiciary

To consider: HB 65, HB 609


9:30 – House Tourism and Recreational Development

To consider: HB 204


10:30 – Senate State Government

To consider the nomination of Curtis Topper as Secretary of General Services


11:30 – Senate Game and Fisheries

Public hearing on the 2014 Annual Report from the PA Game Commission


11:30 – Senate Judiciary

To consider: SB 95, SB 294, SB 373, SB 663


12:00 – Senate Community, Economic & Recreation Development

Public hearing to consider the nomination of Acting Secretary Dennis M. Davin to the Department of Community and Economic Development


12:00 – Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness

Confirmation hearing on the nomination of Major General James R. Joseph as the Adjutant General of the PA Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and to consider SB 490


Off the floor – House Appropriations

Agenda TBA


10:00 – House session


1:00 – Senate session