HB2204 passes House, could provide services for homeless infants and toddlers

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On Tuesday, June 3, 2014, HB 2204 which amends the Early Intervention Services System Act, passed unanimously in the House and will now move to the Senate.


HB 2204 addresses the need for a broader definition of “homeless” in regards to at-risk children. If passed, the bill would include children who are migratory, living in a car or abandoned building, sharing housing due to a loss of housing, living in a motel or hotel, are abandoned, or waiting for foster care placement.


There are an estimated 6,000 homeless infants and toddlers in Pennsylvania. With the passage of HB 2204 they would be included for automatic tracking, screening and early intervention services.


After introducing the legislation in May, Representative Justin Simmons was quoted in an article from the Campaign for What Works as saying, “We all know that what happens in early childhood can ripple through a lifetime.”


For more information about HB 2204 and its potential impact click here.