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Historic Legislation Passed on June 5




HB 209: An Act providing for the financial stability of cities of the first class; establishing an authority empowered to assist cities of the first class in their financial affairs and to issue findings and recommendations to cities of the first class and to the General Assembly; creating the authority and providing for its powers and duties; authorizing each city of the first class and the authority to enter into intergovernmental cooperation agreements and specifying certain terms of such agreements and ordinances whereby cities of the first class enter into such agreements; empowering the authority to incur indebtedness, receive revenues, acquire the obligations of assisted cities, make loans and offer other financial assistance to such cities subject to conditions; establishing procedures for the preparation and review of financial plans of cities of the first class while bonds of the authority are outstanding and providing remedies for failure to adhere to such plans; requiring certain contracts to be consistent with the financial plan; making certain provisions with respect to short-term borrowing by cities of the first class; establishing procedures for handling authority funds, and providing for certain payments to the authority; providing security for bonds and notes issued by the authority; authorizing the creation of a debt service reserve fund and providing for its maintenance; granting to the holders of the authority’s indebtedness and to the authority certain remedies in the event of default by the authority or by an assisted city on authorized obligations; authorizing cities of the first class to receive financial assistance from the authority under certain terms and conditions; establishing the method for the appointment and composition of the authority board; prohibiting the authority and assisted cities from filing a petition under Federal bankruptcy statutes; authorizing an appropriation for authority operating expenses; authorizing cities of the first class to impose an optional sales and use tax; authorizing cities of the first class to impose certain taxes for the authority; authorizing emergency payment deferral; and providing jurisdiction for challenges to this act.


Approved by Governor Robert Casey


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