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Historic Legislation Passed on April 24




HB 2192: A Supplement to the act of December 22, 1977 (No. 102), entitled “An act providing for the capital budget for the fiscal year 1977-1978,” itemizing emergency highway improvement projects to be acquired or constructed by the Department of Transportation, together with their estimated financial cost; authorizing the incurring of debt without the approval of the electors for the purpose of financing the projects to be acquired by the Department of Transportation, stating the estimated useful life of the projects, and making an appropriation.


Approved by Governor Milton Shapp


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HB 1820: An Act providing compensation to persons in active service in connection with the Persian Gulf Conflict or their beneficiaries; authorizing the incurring of indebtedness and the issue and sale of bonds by the Commonwealth for the payment of compensation contingent upon electorate approval; creating a special fund in the State Treasury to be known as the Persian Gulf Conflict Veterans’ Compensation Bond Fund; imposing powers and duties on the Department of General Services; making appropriations; and making a related repeal.


Approved by Governor Ed Rendell


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