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Historic Legislation Passed on April 8




HB 612: An Act amending the act of May 27, 1937 (P. L. 901, No. 241), entitled “An act for the protection of producers of farm produce; providing for the licensing, the bonding or holding collateral of and the regulation of certain dealers in farm produce, as herein defined, within this Commonwealth; conferring powers, and imposing duties on the Department of Agriculture; ***” changing definitions, license dates, license fees and penalties, providing for hearing of complaints by the Department of Agriculture and for arbitration services by the department; and further providing for licenses, records and duties of the department.


Approved by Governor Milton Shapp


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HB 720: An Act amending the “Public Welfare Code,” approved June 13, 1967 (P. L. 31, No. 21), further providing for the expedited implementation of regulations governing Federally subsidized programs; expanding the investigative powers of the department; changing and restricting the qualifications for recipients of general welfare payments, aid for dependent children; medical assistance and other forms of payments; redefining needy persons; providing for public work service projects; changing hearing procedures; further providing for eligibility for certain assistance payments; providing penalties and increasing certain fines; providing for the privacy of certain Federal assistance; and authorizing the use of certain records.


Approved by Governor Dick Thornburgh


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