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Historic Legislation Passed on April 14th




Pennsylvania Drug and Alcohol Abuse Control Act


HB 850: Establishing the Governor’s Council On Drug and Alcohol Abuse; imposing duties on the council to develop and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive health, education and rehabilitation program for the prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and drug and alcohol dependence; providing for emergency medical treatment; providing for treatment and rehabilitation alternatives to the criminal process for drug and alcohol dependence; and making repeals.


Approved by Governor Milton J. Shapp


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Water Services Act


HB 893: An Act requiring State and local approval for terminations or transfers by municipal authorities; authorizing and requiring cities, boroughs, townships, municipal authorities and public utility companies engaged in the supplying of water, to shut off the supply of water for nonpayment of sewer, sewerage, or sewage treatment rentals, rates, or charges imposed by municipal authorities organized by counties of the second class, by cities of the second class, by cities of the second class A, by cities of the third class, by boroughs or by townships of the first or second class; authorizing and requiring them to supply to such authorities lists of metered water readings and flat-rate water bills and other data; authorizing them to act as billing and collecting agents for such authorities; conferring certain powers upon the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission in connection therewith; requiring certain procedures to be followed in residential buildings; and making a related repeal.


Approved by Governor Edward G. Rendell


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