Monthly Archives: April 2016

Today on the Hill

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8:30am – House Human Services informational meeting on the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act


8:45am – Local Government Commission monthly business meeting


9:00am – House Gaming Oversight to consider: HB1887, HB1925 followed by a public hearing on HB108, HB1334


9:30am – House Aging & Older Adult Services informational meeting to discuss the Supreme Court Elder Abuse Task Force Report


9:30am – House Local Government to consider: HB1893, HB1956


Off the Floor – House Appropriations


Off the Floor – House Labor & Industry to consider: HB1543, HB1952


Off the Floor – House Transportation to consider: HB1779, HB1861, HB835, HB1856


Off the Floor – House Urban Affairs to consider: HB1051, HB975, HB616


1:00pm – Senate Democratic Policy Committee roundtable discussion on municipal financial challenges and recovery, as well as the City of Harrisburg’s unique recovery plan

Today on the Hill

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9:00am – House Education & Senate Education joint hearing on the Every Student Succeeds Act


9:30am – House Environmental Resources & Energy to consider Chapter 78/78a regulations


9:30am – House Finance to consider: HB245, SB356


10:30am – Senate Local Government to consider: SB1038, HB1325, HB1394, HB1661


11:00am – Senate Agriculture & Senate Environmental Resources joint informational meeting on the federal update comparing state animal ag programs and water quality monitoring trends


11:00am – Senate Education to consider: SB807, SB1200


11:00am – Senate Environmental Resources to consider SB1011 and SB1195 after joint meeting


Off the Floor – House Appropriations



Today on the Hill

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10:00am – House Democratic Policy Committee public hearing on clean energy jobs


10:00am – House Judiciary informational meeting on Concerned Law Enforcement Against Narcotics


10:00am – Senate Appropriations public hearing to review issues related to the Department of Corrections and the Board of Probation and Parole


10:30am – Joint Senate Republican & Democratic Policy Committee policy hearing on economic development & jobs in Pennsylvania


11:00am – House Consumer Affairs to consider: HB1417, HB1769, SB874, SB984


11:00am – House Education to consider: HB1827, HB1640


11:00am – House Gaming Oversight public hearing on HB469


11:00am – Joint House Insurance & House Transportation public hearing on HB1258 and SB928


12:00pm – Joint Legislative Conservation Committee Environmental Issues Forum


Off the Floor – House Appropriations


Off the Floor – Senate Judiciary to consider SB180 and SB1062