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November 23, 2015


11:00 am- House Health (Informational)

Informational meeting on the roll out of the Long Term Managed Care as being
proposed by the Department of Human Services


11:00 am- Senate Community Economic and Recreational Dev

Public hearing to consider pros and cons of legislation and potential
impact repealing ICA may have on city of Pittsburgh:

To Consider: SB 1024:

Act repealing “An act providing for intergovernmental cooperation in cities of the second class; establishing an intergovernmental authority; providing for financing, for bankruptcy and for sovereign immunity; and making an appropriation.

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November 19, 2015


9:30 am- Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Prepared, Public Hearing

SB 56: Public Hearing on the National Guard Youth Challenge Program



10:00 am- House Gaming Oversight

HB 1423: Public Hearing on fantasy sports, smoking in casinos and: Amends Title 4 (Amusements), in general provisions, further providing for legislative intent & defs.; in PGCB, further providing for powers & regulatory authority; and, in revenues, providing for games of skill tax.


10:00 am- House Game and Fisheries (Informational)

Joint informational meeting with the House Transportation Committee required
by Act 89 for the Fish & Boat Commission to present its plan to use funds
from the Oil Company Franchise Tax (OCFT)


10:00 am- House Transportation (Informational)

Joint informational meeting with the House Game and Fisheries Committee
required by Act 89 for the Fish and Boat Commission to present its plan to
use funds from the Oil Company Franchise Tax (OCFT)


11:00 am Senate Democratic Policy Committee

SB 282: Roundtable discussion on waterfront development

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November 18 ,2015


8:45 am- Local Government Commission

Monthly Business Meeting


9:00 am- House Agriculture and Rural Affairs

To Consider: SB 352


9:00 am- House Insurance



9:30 am- House Aging and Older Adult Services

To Consider: HB 777, HB 190, HB 493


9:30 am- House and Local Government

To Consider: SB 526, HB 1647, SB 898, SB 899, HB 1533, HB 1325, HB 1394, HB 1661


9:30 am- Senate Finance

To Consider: HB 414


10:00 am- House Professional Licensure

To Consider: SB 685, SB 686


10:00 am- Senate Banking Insurance

Public Hearing on SB 842


10:00 am- Senate Veterand Affairs and Emergency Prepared

To Consider: SB 1013, SB 1047 SB 1067, HB 49, HB 602


Off the Floor, House Appropriations



Off the Floor, Senate Local Government

To Consider: HB 1296

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November 17, 2015


9:30 am- House Commerce

Public Hearing on: HB 1240

Amends Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Act further providing for defs., for powers & duties of secretary & registration, financial reports; disclosure; licensure; penalties; Charitable Organization Regulation Account


10:00 am- House State Government

To Consider: HB 1484


10:00 am- House Judiciary

To Consider: HB 391, HB 656, HB 1626, HB 1691, SB 130, SB 524


10:00 am- Public Hearing

Special Committee on Senate Address

Public hearing to hear testimony from a panel of constitutional and legal
ethics experts regarding their interpretation of constitutionally
permissible actions by an attorney with a suspended law license, as well as
other matters


10:30 am- Senate Transportation

To Consider: SB 891, HB 813, HB 1195, HB 1201, HB 1170, HB 1341


11:30 am- Senate Judiciary

To Consider: SB 917, Sb 936, Sb 986


12:30 pm- Senate State Government

To Consider: SB 952 SB 1022, SB 1052, SB 1068, SB 1054, SR 215, SR 238


House Appropriations, Off the Floor

To Consider: HB 682, HB 498


House Labor and Industry, Off the Floor

To Consider: SB 333


Senate Aging and Youth, Off the Floor

To Consider: HB 477, HB 1329, HB 1603


Senate Game and Fisheries, Off the Floor

To Consider: SB 1065 HB 698

China’s Good Example on Creating Partnerships

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As a recent guest of what is arguably the United States’ greatest global competitor, I returned from China with a particularly interesting souvenir: a challenge.


I was privileged to be one of more than 100 international voices invited by the Chinese State Agency for Foreign Expert Affairs to share experiences, which helps guide China’s business growth and identifies strategic partners.


The experience provides a lesson in approaching – and gaining from – the world’s collective institutional knowledge, and China joins a field of many key nations employing a similar initiative. The experience also frames a potential collaborative endeavor for the Philadelphia area to pursue.


The United States’ role as the world’s leading nation is constantly tested. Fierce competition in research and development, technology, and innovation finds the United States sitting sixth in the most recent Bloomberg Innovation Index, looking up at South Korea, Germany, and Israel, among others. The American entrepreneurial spirit remains impressive, but there is more to be achieved.


Reclaiming the top ranking in this and similar metrics would require that innovative best practices and technology resources permeate a greater percentage of the U.S. economy – which would have a direct impact on the Delaware Valley. Accelerated performance in innovation and advanced industries invigorates economic and workforce development goals and, ideally, provides for job opportunities and income mobility. Even the slightest shift toward new growth can be a difference-maker in the Philadelphia region.


Make no mistake, Philadelphia has ground to gain. Peer regions have enjoyed a greater economic recovery since 2008, and, despite our vast institutional resources, several niche metro hubs have surpassed the former “Workshop of the World” in pushing new product ideas and modern approaches.


According to a recent Brookings Institution analysis, the Philadelphia metro region ranks 12th in the United States in advanced industries jobs and in patents since the recession, falling behind Detroit, Austin, and Minneapolis. A sample of the potential to be realized, Brookings also finds total metro region exports placing 10th nationally, our average manufacturing salary at 23rd, and tech-sector employment at 40th. Strikingly, the post-recession data finds Philadelphia treading water at 59th in gross product recovery and 64th in unemployment recovery.


More success in the region overall could translate into a sustained enterprise, greater efficiency, or new relevance in the marketplace for local businesses. Even the smallest gains could mean, for the average employee, a better salary and a boost in quality of living.


To read the entire opinion piece at click here.


Today On The Hill

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November 16, 2015

11:00 am- House Democratic Policy Committee

Public Hearing on HB 1449


11:00 am- House Liquor Control

To Consider: HB 1690


12:00 pm- Joint Legislative Conservation Committee

Environmental Issues Forum – Intro to the PA Sustainable Forestry


12:00 pm- House Appropriations Off the Floor

To Consider: HB 484, HB 1162, HB 1579


12:00 pm- Senate Appropriations Off the Floor

To Consider: SB 691, SB 859, SB 860, HB 683, HB 934

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November 12, 2015


10:00 am- Independent Regulatory Review Commission

To consider the following regulations:

  • No. 3120 Department of Labor & Industry #12-100: Uniform Construction
    Code (Final Omit)
  • No. 3066 Environmental Quality Board #7-487: Control of Volatile
    Organic Compound Emissions from Fiberglass Boat Manufacturing Materials
  • No. 3067 Board of Coal Mine Safety #7:488: Standards for
    Surface Facilities
  • No. 3038 PA Public Utility Commission #57-297: Recovery of Fuel
    Costs by Gas Utilities
  • No. 3088 PA Public Utility Commission #57-307: Automatic Adjustment
    Clauses Related to Electric Default Service